About us

Since 2011, Custom Championship Belts LLC has been in business and We have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world and continue to set the standard for excellence in our industry.

Why us?

Experience the smooth and easy process of ordering your custom championship belt. Use our online championship belt designer tool to personalize any of the belt's designs in real-time.

Every belt that is produced is specially made for each customer and we always try to give a unique touch to each belt because we understand the emotional attachment of a champion to his award.

Forget about the limitations of personalization and get your dream belt made by just submitting your hand or digital drawing without any limitations, such as the layout of the design of your belt, logos, colors, and strap color.

Design your belt the way you want

A team of expert designers is always at your disposal to assist with designing your championship belt. Just let us know by Email and we will get back to you in a few hours.


A championship belt should last for years, that is the motto that is always kept in mind while we produce each championship belt and for that sake, only the highest quality materials are used in products.


A championship belt for every champion. Economy to deluxe championship belts. Get your belt made within your budget. We are makers of 100% personalized championship belts, which means we can make your belt the way you want and with the money that you can afford. 


Never miss to show your championship belt on your event day. We only accept orders that we can deliver on time because we understand the importance of deadlines.


We use different materials, depending on the category of the belt. Mainly we have 4 categories of championship belts. Economy, Premium, Deluxe, and Supreme. These categories are further classified according to the number of plates such as Premium 3 plates and Premium 5 plates.

Economy Belts

Economy belts are budget belts, usually made with a 3-plate design. 2 side plates and a center plate. 2-millimeter thick brass is used for economy belts. You can have your belt made with either the original leather strap or faux leather strap( depending on the choice of customer)

Premium Belts

There are two categories of premium belts. 3 plates premium championship belts and 5 plates premium belts. The difference between 3 plates and 5 plates is the number of side plates. 4-millimeter brass is used for premium championship belts, due to the weight of the plates we only recommend original leather straps.

Deluxe Belts

Deluxe championship belts are made with high-quality Zinc plates. Zinc is one of the best materials for acid-etched plates. The difference between brass and zinc is the quality of the etching. The etching appears better (deep & crisp) on zinc.

4-millimeter Zinc plates are used on our deluxe belts and similar to premium belts the deluxe belts are also classified into 3 plates and 5 plates belts. 

Supreme Belts

As apparent from its name supreme belts are supreme in terms of quality. Supreme championship belts are made with plates of 5-millimeter thick brass with machine-engraved artwork. 3D artwork could also be engraved on supreme belts. These are belts that come with real 24k gold plating they surely are the best type of belts that we produce.

Having question? Please write us by email or call us at 720-316-0042